Why Pad Printing?

Pad Printing Services

  • Manufactured Products - medical, retail and commercial products, remotes, phones, components, electronic devices
  • Sales Promotion - keychains, staplers, clips, pens, golf balls


Pad Printing Services on metals, glass, plastics, wood, leather and other substrates

Our Pad Printing Services allow labeling and quality branding on a variety of surfaces:

  • Print directly on plastics, glass and metals
  • Pad Printing can be performed on irregularly shaped or textured surfaces
  • Brand or label manufactured products like housings, covers, and fabricated parts

Pad Printing Equipment / Machinery

We have made the investment in top-of-the-line pad printing equipment for you:

  • We use both closed cup and open well technologies
  • Only the highest quality pad printing inks are used in our process

Pad Printing Expertise

If your needs are infrequent and you're burdened by a recurring investment in training, consider how our artists and designers can:

  • Produce consistently superior, quality pad printing
  • Affordably support runs of virtually any volume

Three steps to superior quality pad printing services

Have you been frustrated with substandard results from other pad printers? Insight technicians are "artists" who take quality very seriously. They are meticulous about ensuring that:

  • The artwork is production ready
  • Ink colors are accurate
  • The ink transfer/adherence is the best it can be

Delivery Service

With your current supplier, are you confident that you will have the product when and where you need it? Because of our pad printing service experience, leadership, and attention to detail, you can be assured of:

  • Quick, reliable turn-around
  • Full assembly and packaging
  • Shipping and fulfillment per your needs