Our History

Insight Performance Group is the name for the service division of Broncorp, a Colorado owned company that has been doing business in the Denver area since 1982. Inventor and manufacturer of the industry standard Cyclone pneumatic paint shaker, Broncorp has continually increased its service offerings throughout its history.

Insight Performance Group is focused on providing creative insights to its clients, introducing new ways to maximize overall efficiency, productivity and quality through domestic outsourcing of pad printing, assembly, and packaging services.

Broncorp/Insight History

Broncorp is a Colorado owned business launched as a partnership in 1982. The initial mission was to invent and manufacture pneumatic paint shakers for hazardous environments primarily in the automotive industry. Since then, the Cyclone shakers have been used in laboratories and even in Navies around the world.

In 1987, E. I. du Pont purchased the shaker patents which were sold in 1997 to Dedoes Industries. Until 1997, Broncorp manufactured additional, related paint equipment for Dupont and to this day continues to manufacture the Cyclone shakers.

In 1999, Gary Caldwell, current president of Broncorp, purchased ownership from his partner and diversified the business to include pad printing and assembly work for other Colorado companies.

Since 1996, Broncorp has experienced continued growth and has adopted a new business model in which Insight Performance Group is one division of the organization.